QR Code Allows Anyone, Anywhere To Receive Money Directly Into Their Bank Accounts

Los Angeles, CA – CodeCash, the first mobile money transfer app that puts people before profits, is reinventing transactions using a simple and secure QR code. The next-gen cash system assigns individuals and merchants a unique identification number and QR code for sending and receiving payments in a way that’s never been done before.

CEO and founder Tariq Jalil created CodeCash because he saw a better way for people to make payments and he wanted to give back to the small business owners, makers and creators who deserve to be paid for their efforts. Built with security and simplicity at its core, CodeCash can be completely anonymous, making it easier than ever to transfer cash.

With CodeCash, vendors can print their QR code on a piece of paper or put it on a t-shirt; they can wrap a building or a billboard with it; or post it to their Instagram or YouTube content. People who see it simply scan the code to make a payment that goes immediately into the recipient’s account – no need to go through someone’s profile page or get redirected.

CodeCash is ideal for small business owners, charities, social media influencers, streamers, restaurants, merchants, makers, and anyone who wants a simple and secure way to receive payments and interact with customers.

All too often, creators are limited in their ability to monetize their work. Current fan funding options have pay-per-view restrictions, membership fees, or take a percentage profits. CodeCash has solved this problem by providing a platform for creators to fundraise regardless of subscriber/follower count or level of engagement – and they take home 100% of the cash. Fans can now literally buy into their favorite creator’s content, and it’s a win-win.

Other payment apps are owned by big tech companies that put profits first: user data and privacy are not protected, information is easily accessed by anyone, and privacy settings are buried. With CodeCash, all transactions can be done anonymously, with no exchange of personal information. Plus, the instant QR code payments leave no room for error – no more searching for usernames, hoping you’ve paid the right person.

“Cash is quickly disappearing in the digital age, but the existing payments solutions are inherently flawed,” says Tariq Jalil, CodeCash founder & CEO. “We’ve designed a platform that puts privacy and ease of use first. We’ll never take, publish or compromise your information – because we never see it. CodeCash is democratizing payments and giving the power back to the users.”

Codecash has also integrated a chat feature into the app. When money is sent to a QR code, a chat room will be created for the merchant to interact with each customer, follow up or fix issues building organic relationships between buyers and sellers.

CodeCash was created with privacy and security as priorities. Key features include:
⦁ Cloud Infrastructure Security: All computing instances in the CodeCash Cloud are deployed in individual Virtual Private Containers (VPC). The only access to the app server is from the mobile app or through secure web access, and web access is only permitted via a secure AWS PEM certificate.
⦁ Encryption on Device and In Transit: CodeCash leverages AES 256 bit encryption. The data associated with your cards is encrypted, so even if your phone is stolen, thieves wouldn’t be able to do anything with the information. That makes the technology more secure than magnetic-stripe cards or even cash.
⦁ Password, Banking, and Card Account Information Not Stored in CodeCash: When debit or credit cards are added to CodeCash, account information is not transferred to, nor is it stored in CodeCash. The only information stored and displayed are the last five digits of the customer’s identification number, which would be useless to a hacker. All handling of credit card accounts and bank account information is powered by Stripe and Sila.

CodeCash will soon be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store for U.S. customers.

​About CodeCash
Based in Los Angeles and founded in 2021 by Tariq Jalil, CodeCash is a mobile money transfer app that allows users to transfer funds to one another using a QR code instantly and anonymously. CodeCash makes it easier than ever to transfer cash and is on a mission to level the commerce playing field for everyone. For more information, visit: URL

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