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Make Money

With CodeCash

Fast Annonymous Secure

Make Money

With CodeCash

Fast Annonymous Secure

CodeCash gives consumers, creators, and merchants the opportunity to pay and get paid in the most direct, private, and secure way possible.

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CodeCash For Bussiness

CodeCash is a powerful new payment processor that puts users in the driver’s seat by letting them send and receive private, secure, contactless payments at the lowest transaction rates in the industry
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Benefits of CodeCash


Protect Your Customers Privacy

CodeCash uses a QR code or business name to link transactions, not someone’s personal information, so our users – not CEOs – get to decide if and when they want to share their identity with others.


Connect with your Regulars

CodeCash users can send and receive payments and message each other directly inside the app. It’s that easy. No complicated forms to fill out, middleman to pay, or contact lists to manage.


Keep your Money Safe

CodeCash is powered by Stripe, one of the world’s most trusted and well-known global payment solutions, so our users know their transactions [and their financial information] are always protected.​


Fuel your Business

CodeCash charges the lowest transaction rates in the industry *, so our users get to pay less fees and keep more of their hard-earned cash for themselves.

How to Use CodeCash

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